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The Best Web-Hosting Creator Training

Learn How To Create Your Own Web-Hosting & Host Unlimited Websites Without Any Limitation In Just 10min Or Less.

No Experience Needed, No Coding Skill Required. Beginners Friendly, Host Unlimited Websites, it's Super Cheap, Copy and Paste Method.

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There Is Nothing Good Like Freedom

Some Smart People Are Already Using Their Own Self-Webhosting Platform.


Here Is What Recently Customers Said.

Richard David

Hi Seun, thanks for this course, apart from I was able to create my own web hosting platform
I am making over $200 a day creating webhosting for people as a service on freelance website

Sarah Lisa

I Don't Even Know I Can Create Up To 500 Subdomains From One Domain Anytime I Want To Promote A Product I Paid For New Website And New Hosting Plan, But Now All I Do Is Create Subdomain That March That Niche And Install WordPress On It And Free SSL To Secure It. So Simple And Cheap.

Sharon Laura

When My Friend Told Me About This Course, The First Thing I Said In My Mind, Is This That Even Possible? For Someone Like Me To Create My Own Self Web Hosting Without Coding Experience, I Did Not Believe Until I Host My First Website Inside My Own Web Hosting, Now I Have 8 Domain Hosts On My Webhosting, 2 Domains And 6 Subdomain. 

There is a lot of useful information in this course - I truly learned a lot. What made this course a five star for me is a complete walkthrough of setting up the script from code canyon.

Robert David

A great trainer, I highly recommend all the lessons that he set as his task,  and every lesson has been benefited.  I wish you good luck and more success

Daniel Andrew

Very good course, very clear, step-by-step instructions. To be clear : before this training I didn‘t have any idea how to build my own self-managed web hosting server, I always thought this is some specialists or computer geek’s skill, unavailable to non-technical persons. After taking this training, I was able to build up my own web hosting server application and hosting numerous domains and WordPress websites with free SSL certificate on my own virtual VPS.

Patricia emma

Hello Friends

Stephen Seun

For those who don't know me

Am Stephen Seun, Guy Behind This Course,

I Create This Course To Help People that want to have freedom when it comes to hosting,

Before I create this my own web hosting, I used to paid webhosting company anytime I want to host a website for my business or my clients "which is normal

What make me frustrate about it, is that, Anything I can do inside this hosting plan is limited, even visitor that can come to my website is limit, in respective that I paid for this hosting plan. That why I create my own web hosting, so I can host unlimited websites, send unlimited visitor to my websites, even host web applications for just cheap prices.

That Why I create this course, maybe you too want freedom just like i did. 

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There Are three-way of hosting a website

No 1 Share Hosting

Share Hosting is a huge server create that has only one ip address, it is create to share with multiple users.

No 2 Dedicate Server

Dedicate server maybe huge or small server with one ip address create for only one user 

No 3 Self Hosting

Self Hosting may big or small it all depend on the organization, it's not very popular because people don't know how to create it.

Now you may be wondering Or Asking your self How can i do Create My Own Self Webhosting?


Number one Web-Hosting Creating Videos Training that teach people how to create their own self web hosting in 10min or less

No Coding Skill Required

No Technical Knowledge Required

Beginner Friendly Method

Copy And Paste Method

It's Super Easy

Buy This Course Now $97 TODAY’S OFFER $14.95

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Here Are Some Feature Of MyUnlimitedWebHoster

Step-By-Step Videos Training

Copy And Paste Materials

Ability To host unlimited Websites

Take Advantage Of Subdomains.

“Get Freedom” When It Comes To hosting Websites

Boost your website loading speed Plus Boost Your Website SEO

Free SSL Certificate For Life.

Free Support

And much more...

Watch This Demo Video

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Who Is MyUnlimitedwebhoster For?

Myunlimitedwebhoster is for anybody that want to create their own private webhosting, so they can host unlimited websites without any limitation.


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Backup Your Webhosting Server

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See You Inside

Stephen Seun

Why Self Webhosting?

Self Web hosting is a great option because it can handle large amounts of website traffic, it can host unlimited websites, its amazing security protection, and its reliability.

Benefits of Self Web Hosting

Flexible Pricing Plans

Easy to Scale

Great Server Environment

99.9% Uptime

Super-Fast Setup Process


High Website Speed

Works Great for Sites With unlimited Traffic

How many websites can I host with Self Web Hosting?

After this course, You can host unlimited websites on your cloud instance using the control panel according to your resources. You can host as many as you need, as long as you have the resources. And if you ever need more, we got your back

Are there any upsells?

Yes, There is Only One Upsell that teach people how to install web application on their web hosting, plus how to get authority websites.

Buy This Course Now $97 TODAY’S OFFER $14.95

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