Ai Designs Review

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Ai Designs – The Overview

Vendor Ganesh Saha
Product Ai Designs
Launch Date 2023-June-30
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Social Video Marketing
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

What Is Ai Designs?

Ai Designs Review
AI Designs is a graphic design suite that utilizes advanced AI technology to create stunning graphics and designs for various purposes such as websites, blogs, landing pages, ads, and local businesses. It claims to offer an easy and quick solution for creating attention-grabbing visuals with just the push of a button. The software provides templates and tools for creating business logos, mockups, product bundles, ebook covers, social media banners, flyers, and more. It aims to replace expensive monthly subscriptions for design platforms like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Spark. AI Designs also emphasizes the importance of visual content in marketing and offers features like customizable designs, a user-friendly dashboard, dedicated customer support, video tutorials, and a commercial license for selling design services.

Ai Designs Review – How Does It Work?

AI Designs is an AI-powered graphic design tool that aims to simplify the process of creating stunning graphics and designs. Here is a brief overview of how it works:
1. Choose a Template: AI Designs provides a wide range of pre-designed templates for various purposes, such as logos, banners, mockups, and more. You can select a template that suits your needs or start from scratch.
2. Customize and Edit: Once you've chosen a template, you can customize it according to your preferences. AI Designs offers an easy-to-use interface where you can modify the colors, text, images, and other elements of the design. You can also upload your own images if needed.
3. Generate and Download: After making the necessary edits, you can generate the final design by clicking a button. AI Designs leverages AI algorithms to instantly generate high-quality graphics based on your customization. Once the design is ready, you can download it to your device.
4. Utilize the Designs: The downloaded designs can be used for various purposes, such as websites, blogs, social media posts, ads, or any other marketing material. You have the flexibility to integrate the graphics into your projects and campaigns.
Overall, AI Designs aims to simplify the graphic design process by providing ready-to-use templates and an intuitive editing interface. The AI-powered technology helps automate and speed up the design creation process, allowing users to generate professional-looking graphics without the need for extensive design skills or expensive software subscriptions.

Ai Designs Pricing And OTOS Details

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Here's the pricing breakdown for Ai Designs and its features:
Front End: Ai Designs ($17)
– AI-Powered Graphics & Video Creator
– Similar to Canva and Renderforest platforms
– Create unlimited logos, banners, icons, flyers, videos, etc.
– A fully editable cloud-based platform
– Fully editable logo & icon creator with a pre-made templates library
– Millions of searchable royalty-free assets with no copyrights
– Inbuilt proven-to-convert templates to get started immediately
– 1-click post scheduler for posting on all social media platforms
– Take your designs & graphic agency to the next level
– Step-by-step training included, no design skills required
– Unlimited commercial license included
– Sell unlimited graphics, logos, icons, and video creation services to unlimited clients
– No limitations, completely free
– Unlimited one-click saves & downloads
– And much more…
OTO1: Ai Designs Unlimited ($67 / Downsell $47)
– All features with unlimited usage
– Unlimited reseller license
– Remove all restrictions
– Remove watermarks
– More HD templates
– Extra searchable stock platform (GIFs, vectors, videos)
OTO2: Ai Designs Hosting ($37 / Downsell $27)
– Host unlimited graphics & videos
– Ad-free videos to skyrocket engagement
– SEO-friendly
– Create playlists/channels
– Unlimited audience
– Unlimited views
– Unlimited lead finds
– 30GB storage
– Ultra-fast bandwidth
– Ultra-light & attractive player compatible with any device
– Lightning loading speed for increased sales
– 100% control over your traffic
– Embed anywhere with embed code
– Support for all video formats
– Fully SEO-optimized videos & video pages
– Go viral with social sharing
– Step-by-step video training
– Commercial license to use for your clients
– No buffering
– DFY Traffic + $2k Blownout (included with this OTO)
OTO3: Ai Designs Marketplace ($37 / Downsell $27)
– 1-click freelance & local marketplace builder
– Gig & bid-based marketplace
– Sell digital products as well
– Sell and buy unlimited services & products
– Your own logo & branding
– Create unlimited categories
– Create unlimited subcategories
– Multiple payment gateways integration
– SMS & email integrations
– All uploaded on our server
– Add to-cart functionality
– Calendar feature
– Own admin panel
– Unlimited earnings
– Commercial license + agency license included
OTO4: Ai Designs Agency ($67 / Downsell $47)
– Add unlimited users
– Your own admin dashboard
OTO5: Ai Designs Whitelabel ($97 / Downsell $67)
– Rebranding option
– Add your own logo & brand name

Ai Designs Features and Benefits

Ai Designs claims to offer several features and benefits for its users. Here are some of the features and benefits highlighted by Ai Designs:
1. AI Traffic Engine: Ai Designs's main feature is its AI Traffic Engine, which uses artificial intelligence to generate content and drive traffic to your affiliate links or offers. It aims to save you time and effort by automating the content creation process.
2. Automated Content Generation: Ai Designs states that its AI Traffic Engine creates engaging and compelling content for your Pinterest posts. It generates images, captions, and hashtags that are optimized for attracting Pinterest users and encouraging them to click on your links.
3. Targeted Traffic Generation: The app claims to leverage the large user base of Pinterest to drive targeted buyer traffic to your offers. It aims to reach users who are actively searching for products or services similar to what you're promoting, increasing the likelihood of conversions.
4. Passive Income Potential: Ai Designs suggests that by using its app, you can generate passive income without the need for paid advertising or constant content creation. Once the AI Traffic Engine is activated, the app claims that you can sit back and watch traffic and sales come in.
5. Easy Setup and Integration: Ai Designs emphasizes its user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to connect their Pinterest accounts and activate the AI Traffic Engine. The app aims to provide a seamless experience for users, requiring minimal technical knowledge.
6. Analytics and Tracking: Ai Designs offers analytics and tracking features to help you monitor the performance of your Pinterest posts. You can gain insights into the number of clicks, conversions, and overall campaign effectiveness.
7. Training and Support: Ai Designs claims to provide training and support to its users. They may offer tutorials, guides, or customer support to assist users in maximizing the app's features and achieving their goals.

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My Own Thoughts on Ai Designs

In conclusion, AI Designs is a powerful graphic design tool that harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to simplify and enhance the design process. With its AI-powered templates, easy customization options, and time-saving features, AI Designs allows users to create professional-looking designs quickly and efficiently. The platform's user-friendly interface and high-quality output ensure that even users with limited design experience can produce visually appealing graphics for various purposes. Additionally, the versatility of design options and collaboration features make AI Designs a valuable tool for marketers, business owners, and design professionals alike. Overall, AI Designs provide an accessible and efficient solution for graphic design, leveraging the benefits of AI technology to empower users and streamline their design workflow.

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