AIStaffs Review

Hi Guys! Welcome to my Honest AIStaffs Review. On this page, I have covered every aspect of this New-To-Market Product AIStaffs, so that you can make an informed purchase decision easily.
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AIStaffs – The Overview

Vendor Abhi Dwivedi
Product AIStaffs
Launch Date 2023-May-30
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $37
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Social Video Marketing
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

What Is AIStaffs?

AIStaffs Review
AIStaffs is a cutting-edge AI-powered application that brings a revolutionary approach to local businesses, startups, and small enterprises. By seamlessly integrating AI-powered employees, AIStaffs simplifies and enhances daily operations. Say farewell to tedious tasks as these AI geniuses take charge of everything from marketing to administrative duties. Get ready for a boost in efficiency, productivity, and even a dash of fun!
AIStaffs offers the flexibility to hire AI-powered employees or staff members for any business, empowering them to handle a wide range of tasks and responsibilities on your behalf and for your clients. Whether it's managing various projects or ensuring smooth operations, these AI-powered employees are up for the challenge.
Engaging with AI employees is a breeze through AIStaffs. You can effortlessly chat or even engage in one-on-one conversations with them, just like interacting with SIRI or Alexa. This streamlined communication approach makes it simpler and more efficient to collaborate with them, ensuring your work is completed seamlessly and promptly.
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AIStaffs Review – How Does It Work?

AIStaffs Review – Experience the power of AIStaffs by following these three straightforward steps:
Step 1: Explore the diverse pool of AI staff members, each possessing their own specialized expertise. Select the ones that align best with your specific needs and tasks.
Step 2: Engage in seamless communication with your chosen AI staff using the intuitive two-way conversation feature, reminiscent of Siri or Alexa. Clearly articulate the tasks you require them to complete, share necessary information, and discuss any specific requirements or preferences you may have.
Step 3: Evaluate the work accomplished by your AI staff, offering feedback if necessary. Conveniently download documents or implement solutions directly from the chat interface. Maintain an ongoing conversation with your AI team to optimize outcomes and ensure that your tasks are fulfilled to your utmost satisfaction.
Overall, AIStaffs is a powerful app that offers a range of features and benefits to streamline your business operations and maximize productivity. With access to 33 specialized AI staff members, you can build a team that suits your specific needs and easily swap members with a click of a mouse.
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AIStaffs Pricing And OTOS Details

Front End Offer is the core software of AIStaffs, priced at $37. It functions independently and does not require any upgrades to operate, although it has certain limitations.
Currently, there are four upsells available. While not essential for using AIStaffs, they can prove beneficial depending on your specific situation and usage. Additionally, there is a bundle deal available.
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Upsell 1: AIStaffs Unlimited – Cost: $97/year
The Unlimited upgrade turbocharges the AIStaffs app by eliminating all restrictions on hiring AI staff. This upgrade enables businesses to add an unlimited number of AI employees to their accounts, expanding their access to a wider range of specialized skills and services. It is particularly valuable for businesses with high demands for AI-powered assistance or those seeking rapid scalability. By unlocking unlimited usage, businesses can save time and costs by having access to a 24/7 workforce without the limitations of traditional staffing models.
Upsell 2: AIStaffs PLUS – Cost: $67
The AIStaffs Plus upgrade grants users access to an additional 16 AI staff members, increasing the total count to 49. Users can also create and train their custom AI staff members to meet their specific needs. Moreover, this upgrade offers the ability to rebrand the AI staff by renaming them and changing their profile pictures, along with 256-bit encryption for enhanced privacy. These features make the AIStaffs Plus upgrade a valuable investment for businesses aiming to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Upsell 3: AIStaffs Enterprise – Cost: $67
Unlock the ultimate business solution with the Enterprise Upgrade. This premium package provides agency Whitelabel access, allowing you to rebrand the software as your own agency offering. It includes features like Enterprise TMA (Team Members Access), Enterprise CAA (Client Account Access), and Enterprise OCP (Client Previewer) to facilitate management and collaboration with your team. Additionally, you'll receive a professional, ready-made enterprise website with 5 years of hosting, DFY promotion videos, enterprise client contracts, lead magnets, and over 100 DFY FB ad and copy templates. A bonus guide on obtaining up to $1000 in free ad credits on Facebook, Twitter, and Google is also included.
Upsell 4: AIStaffs Expansion – Cost: $127/year
The AIStaffs Expansion upgrade is the most advanced version, enabling users to connect with 21 marketing experts. This upgrade allows direct communication, either through chat or voice, with these experts to gain valuable insights into marketing strategies, SEO optimization, content creation, and product launch planning. With the AIStaffs Expansion upgrade, users receive unparalleled support and guidance from industry-leading professionals, elevating their marketing efforts to new heights.

AIStaffs Review: Bundle Deal

The bundle deal includes the full funnel, providing the front-end offer and all the upsells at a one-time payment. The regular price on the sales page is $297, but by using the coupon code ‘STAFFBUNDLE,' you can avail of a $50 discount, bringing the price down to $247.
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AIStaffs Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits of AIStaffs:
1. Access to 33 AIStaffs: AIStaffs offers a wide range of specialized staff members for various categories, allowing you to create a team of up to 10 members and easily swap them out as needed.
2. Multi-Language Support: In addition to English, AIStaffs supports four additional languages (Spanish, French, Hindi, and German), ensuring you can effectively communicate and produce work in different cultures.
3. Chat with AIStaffs (Typing Input): AIStaffs enhances the ChatGPT concept, enabling you to have natural conversations with AI staff members without robotic commands, providing a personalized experience.
4. Siri/Alexa Capability for Voice Communication: With AIStaffs, you can use voice recognition technology to interact with your AI staff members, just like speaking to Siri or Alexa. This allows for quick and efficient communication, enabling you to accomplish tasks effectively.
5. Flexible Working Hours: You have full control over when your AIStaffs are available to provide support or assist visitors on any website, allowing you to set specific working hours in any time zone.
6. Conversation History Saved: AIStaffs securely stores every chat, preserving your conversational data and ensuring that no valuable ideas or information are lost.
7. Search Through History: The conversational history within AIStaffs becomes a valuable database. You can search through past interactions to retrieve ideas, improve existing ones, or refresh your memory.
8. Download Replies as Documents: AIStaffs allows AI employees to respond with checklists, instructions, and more. You can conveniently download these responses as documents for further use, such as creating content or integrating them into other projects.
9. 1-Click DFY Tasks: AIStaffs includes ready-made tasks that you can add with a single click, giving your business and marketing a quick boost and saving you time and effort.
10. Hire Up To 20 AIStaffs: While AIStaffs provides access to 33 AI staff members, you can simultaneously hire up to 20 of them, ensuring you have the flexibility and resources to meet your marketing and business needs.
11. Hire & Fire AIStaffs Anytime: You have the freedom to hire and fire AI staff members according to your requirements. With a simple click of a button, you can adjust your team composition as needed.
12. Embed AIStaffs On Your Websites: AIStaffs can be embedded on your websites, allowing you to leverage their capabilities for business operations, customer support, and other tasks.
13. Change AI Staff's Response Tone: You can choose from multiple personalities for your AI staff members, tailoring their response tone to suit your preferences, whether professional or lighthearted.
14. Co-hire or Lease Your AI Team/Staffs: AIStaffs provides an opportunity to earn additional income by leasing out your AI employees to other entrepreneurs and businesses, creating a recurring revenue stream with minimal effort.
15. Fully Encrypted AIStaffs Chat: All conversations within AIStaffs are fully encrypted, ensuring the privacy and security of your discussions and protecting your ideas from potential theft or breaches.
16. Commercial Usage License: AIStaffs includes a commercial license, allowing you to utilize the AI employees for freelance work and generate recurring revenue streams. This license upgrade is included at no extra charge.
17. Dedicated Support & Regular Updates – 12 months: AIStaffs offers dedicated support and regular updates for 12 months, ensuring you have access to assistance and the latest version of the software to maximize your success.
18. Detailed Training Included: AIStaffs provides comprehensive training materials in video and PDF format, helping you quickly grasp the functionality of the app and overcome any obstacles, allowing you to start achieving results promptly.
Overall, AIStaffs is a powerful AI-powered app that offers an array of features and benefits to enhance your business operations. With access to 33 specialized AI staff members, you can create a team that suits your specific needs. Whether you prefer typing or speaking, AIStaffs allows seamless communication through its ChatGPT-based interface and Siri/Alexa-like voice recognition capability.
The flexibility of AIStaffs extends to working hours, enabling you to set availability for support and visitor interactions on your websites. All conversations are securely saved, providing a valuable database that can be searched through to retrieve past ideas and improve existing ones. Additionally, you can download AI staff responses as documents, facilitating faster content creation and project integration.
AIStaffs goes beyond language barriers by supporting English, Spanish, French, Hindi, and German, allowing you to work comfortably in different cultural contexts. The ability to embed AIStaffs on your websites further enhances its functionality, enabling efficient business management and customer support.
With 1-click DFY tasks and the option to hire up to 20 AI staff members simultaneously, AIStaffs empowers you to streamline your marketing and business processes. You have the flexibility to hire and fire AI staff members as needed, ensuring your team aligns with your evolving requirements.
AIStaffs prioritizes privacy and security, providing fully encrypted chats and end-to-end 400% privacy-based secure servers. The commercial usage license allows you to not only leverage AIStaffs for freelance work but also create a sustainable recurring income stream by leasing out AI employees to other entrepreneurs and businesses.
You can customize the tone of AI staff responses, choosing from multiple personalities to create the desired experience. AIStaffs also offers dedicated support and regular updates for 12 months, ensuring you receive assistance and benefit from software enhancements.
To accelerate your success with AIStaffs, comprehensive training materials in video and PDF format are provided, removing any barriers and helping you achieve optimal results.
In summary, AIStaffs empowers you with a versatile team of AI staff members, multi-language support, efficient communication methods, flexible working hours, secure conversations, and the ability to embed staff members on your websites. With a range of features and dedicated support, AIStaffs is a valuable tool for businesses seeking to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and generate recurring revenue.
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My Final Verdict on AIStaffs

In conclusion, AIStaffs revolutionizes the way businesses operate by bringing AI-powered employees to local businesses, startups, and small businesses. With its wide range of features and benefits, AIStaffs simplifies mundane tasks, boosts efficiency and productivity, and injects a sense of fun into your business operations.
The flexibility of AIStaffs shines through features such as working hours setup, conversation history saving, and the ability to download AI staff replies as documents. These features enable seamless integration with your business processes and provide easy access to valuable information.
In summary, AIStaffs is a game-changing AI-powered app that brings efficiency, productivity, and joy to your business. With its versatile features, multi-language support, flexible hiring options, and emphasis on privacy and security, AIStaffs is the go-to solution for businesses looking to optimize their operations and achieve sustainable growth. Say goodbye to mundane tasks and embrace the power of AIStaffs to propel your business forward.
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