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The big question is: Is QuickFunnel worth it?

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QuickFunnel – The Overview

Creator Dr.Amit Pareek, Tim Verdouw
Product QuickFunnel
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $37
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tool & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

QuickFunnel Review – What Is It?

QuickFunnel Review

QuickFunnel is a cloud-based software and funnel builder that offers a comprehensive solution for creating landing pages, opt-in pages, websites, and funnels. The platform also features an email marketing suite for sending emails (SMTP required).
One of the critical advantages of QuickFunnel is its one-time pricing structure, which is cost-effective compared to other options in the market. QuickFunnel offers over 400 customizable templates and fast-loading pages, making it easy to use and convenient for businesses.
With QuickFunnel, you can create complete sales funnels with landing pages, add multiple upsells and OTOs, and automate your email marketing by sending automated emails after a customer makes a purchase. The software also includes triggers that allow you to automate various actions, such as sending emails, adding customers to specific email lists, and sending notifications.
QuickFunnel also enables users to create full-fledged websites with pages, blogs, and the ability to sell products and add custom domains. The editor is user-friendly and allows for creating and integrating various elements, such as opt-in forms.
In terms of integrations, QuickFunnel supports popular autoresponders, webinars, CRMs, and payment options like PayPal and Stripe. In conclusion, QuickFunnel is a powerful and feature-rich software that offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline their online presence.

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How does it Work?


With QuickFunnel, anyone can easily create highly effective and profitable funnels with just a few simple steps:

  • Step 1: Selection: Choose from over 400 visually stunning templates to find the perfect match for your business niche and marketing objectives.
  • Step 2: Customization: Streamline your funnel creation process with QuickFunnel's next-generation drag-and-drop page editor and intuitive funnel planner without any coding or design skills required.
  • Step 3: Publication and Monetization: Get your funnel running and quickly generate revenue.

QuickFunnel is a truly innovative solution that offers a competitive advantage, especially in the digital transformation of the restaurant industry. It is specifically designed to help restaurants go digital and easily accept orders online, giving them complete control over their business operations in 2023 and beyond. With years of development and real-world testing, QuickFunnel is the perfect tool to help you achieve guaranteed results and stay ahead of the competition.


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QuickFunnel Review: Pricing & Upsells

The main QuickFunnel program, Front End Offer, will cost you $37. The pricing you see right now is only valid for the front-end deal during the launch period.
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There are five available upsells for QuickFunnel, which offer additional features and benefits that can enhance the user's experience. While it is optional to purchase all the upsells, they may prove to be useful based on specific needs and usage. A bundle deal is also available.


Upsell 1: QuickFunnel Elite ($77) This upsell provides several features, including:

  • The ability to create unlimited subdomains for multiple business creation
  • Unlimited custom domains to reinforce brand presence
  • Unlimited proven converting funnels to boost sales and conversions
  • Unlimited bandwidth for hosting and unlimited page visits
  • Advanced analytics to track funnel performance and optimize ROI
  • CRM integrations to strengthen customer relationships
  • Lead management features
  • Payment integration with various platforms, including PayPal and Stripe
  • Auto-registration for webinars with webinar platform integrations

Upsell 2: QuickFunnel Enterprise ($47/$67) This upsell includes the following features:

  • Built-in autoresponder for promotional and follow-up emails
  • Unlimited email lists and email management
  • Advanced email analytics and monitoring
  • CRM integrations
  • Agency use license for unlimited clients
  • Subscription management system
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Upsell 3: QuickFunnel Agency ($47/$97) The QuickFunnel Agency upsell offers the following features:

  • Support for up to 200 team members and up to 100 clients
  • White label branding options
  • Collaborative features for sharing funnels and templates
  • Accurate monitoring and analysis of team activities
  • Chat support
  • Subscription management system
  • Profit-sharing options for selling the main product

Upsell 4: QuickFunnel BizDrive ($47) This upsell provides the following features:

  • Secure file storage, management, and sharing
  • Access to 1 million+ royalty-free stock photos and videos
  • Engagement features for share pages
  • Advanced analytics for share pages
  • Integration with Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox
  • Fast file delivery with fast CDNs
  • Folder management and file security features

Upsell 5: QuickFunnel Oppyo This upsell includes the following features:

  • Unlimited profits and business creation
  • Landing page, funnel, and popup building features
  • Hosting and playing of HD videos
  • Personalized notification campaigns
  • Customizable editor and pre-made templates
  • Lead management and audience analysis features
  • Secure file storage and sharing
  • Three pricing options ($77/month, $247/3 installments, $697 one-time deal)

QuickFunnel Bundle Deal $297

The QuickFunnel Bundle combines all of the above upsells into one comprehensive package.

  • Bundle Deal Includes all upsells except upsell 5, $297 one-time payment.
  • Discount Code: Use my coupon QUICKBUNDLE for $50 off the bundle deal ($247)
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QuickFunnel Review: Coupon And Direct Discount

QuickFunnel Features And Benefits

  • QuickFunnel offers a range of features to enhance your digital marketing efforts. The platform allows you to upload and edit images or logos and reuse them for future campaigns. It also provides an inbuilt HLS video player for displaying professional videos on your pages. The button feature enables you to create compelling call-to-action elements that drive visitor engagement and increase conversions.
  • QuickFunnel offers an easy-to-use section editor that allows you to add and customize sections for mobile and desktop visitors. Advanced typography editing technology enables you to create engaging headlines that capture your audience's attention. A countdown timer is an effective tool for creating scarcity and boosting sales.
  • The platform provides ready-to-use opt-in forms that can be integrated with your favourite autoresponder. It also allows you to draw shapes such as boxes, circles, and lines to highlight specific parts of your page. You can add social media icons to connect with your audience and increase social visibility. QuickFunnel also includes inbuilt SEO features to improve your search engine ranking and drive traffic to your website.
  • In addition, QuickFunnel offers automatic SSL encryption to ensure the security of your pages and funnels. You can manage all your campaigns, projects, and clients from a simple, customizable dashboard. The platform also provides an easy copy-paste setup for Facebook and Google remarketing and webmaster tools.
  • QuickFunnel provides a range of benefits to help you grow your business. It enables you to create high-converting funnels and pages in minutes, using 400+ ready-to-use templates. The platform is mobile-friendly and optimized for speed to ensure you don't lose visitors or sales. The inbuilt lead management system automates your contacts management.
  • The platform provides precise analytics to help you make informed decisions and measure the performance of your campaigns. The cutting-edge autoresponder integration allows you to connect quickly and use any email autoresponder. The pop-up feature enables you to grab maximum leads by displaying pop-ups within landing pages and funnels. QuickFunnel provides seamless webinar integration and hosting services on its lightning-fast CDN server.
  • The platform's visual funnel designer and planner, next-gen drag-and-drop editor, and user-friendly dashboard make it easy for you to create pixel-perfect pages and templates from scratch. With QuickFunnel, you can say goodbye to expensive domains and hosting services and have everything you need in one place.

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QuickFunnel Conclusion

Is it worth buying QuickFunnel? YES. We are so grateful that you read the QuickFunnel Review. It was a pleasure to help you make your purchase decision. You can get many bonuses as an early bird with this system. Get the best deal by taking action immediately.
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