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Welcome to my TurboLists review. I'm Steve from Greenlauncher.com

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The big question is: Is TurboLists worth it?

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Creator Ram Rawat
Product TurboLists
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $19
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tool & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

TurboLists Review – What Is It?

TurboLists Review

New and innovative software called TurboLists COMMANDS Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Amazon TO BUILD & PROFIT YOU FROM REAL, HIGHLY ENGAGED, HUGE “TurboLists” IN JUST 3-CLICKS.

– WITHOUT the requirement of any opt-in or sign-up forms… 

– WITHOUT the requirement that users enter their name or email address.


Email marketing is still very much in use and doing well. In actuality, it's bigger and more successful than ever. However, 90% of marketers simply need to do it better. Low open rates, low click-through rates, emails ending up in the SPAM or promotion tab, high unsubscribe rates, and other issues are causing them problems. The number one most significant factor in their failure? The email list they are using needs to be corrected. See, our current method of collecting leads needs to be updated, efficient, and unsuccessful. People enter fictitious or made-up email addresses on forms they never intend to open. That implies that your email list is fake, and you will never profit from it.


You wind up wasting thousands of dollars on traffic and paying autoresponders and page builders hundreds of dollars per month for leads who never check your emails, click your links, or purchase from you. But what if I told you there was a way to obtain REAL, verified, and targeted leads that are 10X more engaging, affordable, and profitable than those obtained through any other lead generation strategy? The same technique generates thousands of dollars in daily profits for us.

TurboLists Review – How Does It Work?


It's easy to make huge, highly targeted email lists with turbo:

  • Step 1: GENERATE LINK: Type in the link to your website or offer and click “Generate” to make a unique link.
  • Step 2: Share your link and build your list. Anyone who clicks on your connection will be added to your TurboLists, and you can choose which autoresponder to use.
  • Step 3: Use PROFIT 24X7's DFY campaigns to follow up or send your emails automatically. Relax, Sit-Back & Profit.

During its launch week, TurboLists is only available for a LOW ONE-TIME PRICE for the next few days. After this week, it will change to a model where the price goes up every time you renew your subscription. Move quickly to get your account for the lowest price it has ever been.

TurboLists Review: Pricing & Upsells

The main TurboLists program, Front End Offer, will cost you $19. The pricing you see right now is only valid for the front-end deal during the launch period.

TurboLists Review: Coupon And Direct Discount

TurboLists Features And Benefits

  • You can get everything you need without installing anything because it's all hosted online. Join up, and you'll have access to this program from any location with an internet connection.
  • Leads Can Be Collected With A Single Click, And No Opt-In Form is Needed. The use of an option form is unnecessary. Create a link and distribute it to your followers. They'll instantly be added to your mailing list if they follow the link.
  • Real Customers/Subscribers: Capture Them! You may collect their verified and authentic email address from services like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, and Amazon with the help of TurboLists. The in-use electronic communication channels. No disposable or phony email address here. If they are on your email list, they are ten times more likely to engage with your messages.
  • The built-in autoresponder makes it simple to keep in touch with leads and convert them into customers without lifting a finger. You can schedule emails and follow-up sequences for up to 30 days straight from their dashboard.
  • Sync Prospect Information With The Autoresponder Of Your Choice If you integrate this tool with a third-party Autoresponder, it will send all new leads directly to that service. To continue communicating with them even after they leave this site.
  • Distribute Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Emails Monthly: You may send an unlimited number of one-time broadcast emails to your contacts or a subset of them. They have an in-built email editor, but you can copy and paste your HTML.
  • Keep a database of up to 25,000 potential customers: Feel free to add to and expand your existing lists. There is no additional cost to save up to 25,000 leads in your account, which is more than enough to generate several thousand dollars in revenue.
  • In-Depth Reporting & Statistics: You can keep tabs on your progress and the number of customers you attract using their comprehensive reporting and analytics system. With this method, you can track the success of your ads and increase your ROI.
  • The platform supports full custom SMTP integration, so you can use your own SMTP service, such as Sendgrid, Mailgun, Amazon SES, etc., to send emails.
  • Advertising Efforts Conducted on Your Behalf, Generating Over $25,000: To save you time and effort, they have provided you with DONE FOR YOU & Proven Promo Email Campaigns that have brought in over $25,000 in sales. Cut and paste the text, then send it. It's as easy as that!
  • 1-Click You Can Get Your Leads at any time: One click will allow you to download all your leads. This way, you'll always be caught with a plan B, and you may utilize these contacts to expand your company beyond the confines of this site.
  • Using their one-of-a-kind “Product Finder,” affiliates can rapidly locate top-performing, recently released products from Warriorplus and JVZOO with high conversion rates and excellent EPC. To get you quickly advertising and selling these products for maximum profit.
  • Gain an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over Competitors by Quickly Building a List of Active Buyers Interested in Your Offerings with TurboLists. While everyone is trying to convince people to sign up for their dull newsletters, you're already getting subscribers.
  • Huge Potential in This As-Yet-Unused, Top-Secret Technology: This innovation is being used by no one. Therefore, you should save time in getting started with TurboLists, as you will miss out on a MASSIVE chance if you do.
  • With TurboLists, you can rapidly transform any offer or link into a massive list-building and sales machine. Then, you can make your TurboList link to any offer, page, or website and start sharing it with your audience to start receiving leads and sales.
  • TurboLists allows you to create traffic and leads from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more at no cost. To sum up, you can now add subscribers without spending a dollar on promotions.
  • You'll Have Ten Times as Many Active Subscribers and Buyers Because You'll Get Their Authentic Email Addresses from Social Media Platforms. Compared to people who opt into a newsletter, they are ten times more engaged and responsive.
  • With an active customer list, you can increase sales and revenue. Which means you can go on with the life you truly deserve.
  • Get rid of autoresponders and save THOUSANDS of dollars a year: The built-in autoresponder will allow you to follow up with leads and close deals automatically. This way, you can forget about ever having to shell out money to use an external autoresponder service such as Aweber, Getresponse, or MailChimp.
  • You Can Avoid Wasting Tens of Thousands of Dollars on Bogus Leads and Traffic. If you use TurboLists, you can rest assured that all of the leads you receive are serious buyers interested in what you have to offer. This way, you won't have to worry about storing or emailing leads that aren't likely to convert.
  • Easy to Use; No Prior Knowledge or Experience with Technology Is Necessary: To start this program, you need zero technical knowledge or experience. You may be up and running in no time if you follow their training instructions.
  • Get Outcomes in a Matter of Hours: The outcomes of their DONE FOR YOU advertising efforts can be seen in as little time as a few hours. Cut and paste their tried and true email templates into your inbox and push send. It's as easy as that!
  • FOREVER FREE UPDATE: They'll not hand you the item and disappear. They are committed to continuously developing and enhancing the product. Future upgrades and additions will be made available without further cost.

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TurboLists Conclusion

Is it worth buying TurboLists? YES. We are so grateful that you read the TurboLists Review. It was a pleasure to help you make your purchase decision. You can get many bonuses as an early bird with this system. Get the best deal by taking action immediately.
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