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VideoCampaignor Review – Introduction

Welcome to my VideoCampaignor Review. I’m Steve from where I give honest digital product reviews and awesome bonuses for products I truly believe in. And today I’ll show you VideoCampaignor.
VideoCampaignor is brought to you by Todd Gross,
So the big question is, is VideoCampaignor really worth your money? I’ll tell you if it ticks all the boxes, and if it does, I’ll give you some excellent complimentary bonuses you can only get from me today.
My goal is to help you make an informed decision so you don’t waste your money. Now let’s jump into the next section of VideoCampaignor Review to find out what VideoCampaignor is and how it can help you and your business.

VideoCampaignor – The Overview

Creator Todd Gross
Product VideoCampaignor
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $13
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tool & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

VideoCampaignor Review – What Is It?

VideoCampaignor is a NEW, state-of-the-art  “Video Sales Bot” ARMY. Brought to you by my good friends Todd Gross, Magnus Ilechukwu and Peter Beattie. It equips you with the software, tools, and training you need to generate steady income from home (or ANYWHERE!)…
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know exactly what and who I’m talking about: Todd Gross, Magnus Ilechukwu and Peter Beattie are ready to bring you an ARMY of pre-programmed, ready-to-deploy ‘Video Sales Bots’. But in case you missed the ENTIRE announcement. Here’s everything you need to know:  Most small and local businesses are STILL struggling to make the shift to selling online. And that was before soaring gas prices, record high inflation, and historic labor shortages. Now, small business owners only have two options: Adapt or Get left behind.
YES, this is bad news for those who fail to adapt to the changing times. But this is GOOD NEWS for the smart people (like ME and YOU) who position themselves on the right side of this trend by giving these businesses what they ALREADY want. Their own “Virtual Employee” that works around the clock, 24/7/365 days per year. Selling their products & services FOR THEM, doing the work of HUNDREDS of employees at the same time. Introducing Video Campaignor.
FINALLY! YOU can be the one getting paid THOUSANDS of dollars. By renting “Video Sales Bots” to small businesses in ANY niche – anywhere in the world WITHOUT personally talking to anyone, ever. This POWERFUL point & click software creates AMAZING Interactive “Video Sales Bots” from ANY video on the internet. From sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Groove AND comes pre-loaded with 50 done-for-you templates in the HOTTEST niches that you can deploy in as little as 5 MINUTES with just a few clicks of your mouse!
Creating your own product/robot. Having to appear on camera. ​Needing a big email list… Mastering paid ads. ​Building complicated funnels. OR becoming a master at high ticket sales. The BEST part is You can have your first “Video Sales Bot” LIVE and ready to generate a big 4 figure payday for you – in as little as 5 mins from now. Your ARMY of “sales bots” will work IN your business, around the clock, from dusk ‘till dawn, attracting new customers and closing sales FOR YOU. Then, once they’ve closed more clients than you can count. You can “rent” your built-for-you sales bots out as “virtual employees” to your NEW paying customers for $1,000/month. And keep 100% of the profits for yourself.
You DON’T need to do ANY of the actual programming or sales calls yourself. Your video sales bots have been designed and programmed by scarily intelligent and talented experts. These bots can interact with your customers like REAL humans. They collect customer data, book appointments, run and sell offers, host interactive games, and MORE. Plus, they’re super simple and easy to set up and deploy. Simply choose from over 50 templates in the HOTTEST niches (NO video hosting or editing skills needed).
Bring your video sales bot to LIFE in just a few clicks by adding UNLIMITED interactive elements scientifically PROVEN to consistently convert more viewers into leads and sales (NO technical, bot building, or copywriting skills required). And rent out your video sales bot to 1 of the 400 million+ businesses who need this technology RIGHT NOW. But seriously, why are you STILL here? Time is running dangerously low. Get Video Campaignor Now.

VideoCampaignor Review – How does it work?

VideoCampaignor Review: Pricing & Upsells

Front End Offer is the main software VideoCampaignor which will cost you $37 For the front end offer the price you see now is available only during the launch period.

My VideoCampaignor Review Bonuses

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VideoCampaignor Feature And Benefits

Here are some never-seen-before highly fascinating features of VideoCampaignor

  • Video Campaignor supports any kind of video; use any video link from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia,, or any MP4 video link from the internet. You can also upload videos from your device
  • ​Turn your videos into mini-engagement hubs by adding unlimited interactive elements including Texts, Images, Objects, Cut-outs, and playing Videos inside your video
  • ​Quadruple conversions on your videos by adding clickable buy buttons and calls-to-action, shoppable products and services
  • ​Collect payments through PayPal and Stripe directly from your videos
  • ​Move your viewers to act by adding urgency and deadline signals to your videos; choose between evergreen and standard countdown timer options
  • ​Thrill your viewers and engage them more by adding interactive gamification and incentives to your videos
  • ​Gather important marketing data by adding interactive quizzes and polls to your videos
  • Video Campaignor ​builds leads and grow your lists by adding interactive opt-in forms and lead magnets in your videos. The built-in seamless automation instantly sends these leads to chosen lists in your auto-responder services
  • ​Promote your brand on social media by adding interactive social share to your videos
  • ​Force viewers to act by switching on gates and content locking; add interactive button gate, lead gate, CTA gate, quiz gate, share gate, product or service gate, video gate, gamification gate, etc
  • With Video Campaignor, you can protect your videos by adding customizable watermarks; choose between image and text watermarks
  • ​Add html code to your videos aimed at achieving any marketing goal
  • ​Convince your viewers with real-live locations by adding interactive maps in your videos
  • ​Add tracking codes and pixels to build an audience across your advertising platforms like Facebook
  • ​Give viewers full control of their viewing experience by adding interactive clickable and skippable video chapters
  • Video Campaignor allows viewers to choose their own adventure and path with branching videos and video funnels. Create branching videos with any YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Groove video or MP4 video link or use any video you can upload from your device; link branching videos together with clickable texts, images, buttons, shapes, etc., add unlimited interactive elements to any branching video in your video funnel with the ability to auto-play branching videos (includes pre-built niche video funnel templates)
  • Get viewers to focus on any chosen portion of the video by defining the start and end points of your video play time
  • ​Allow viewers to touch any object in your video; make objects in your video touchable to your viewers with Hotspots, clicking on the hotspot will lead to the content or action of your choice. Add unlimited hotspots to unlimited objects and points in your video, attach the best corresponding actions to hotspots and use customizable overlays to further serve your content and convert viewers.
  • ​Entice viewers with animations; animate any element in your video, choose and apply from 50+ animations on 10 different animation categories including attention-seeking animations, back entrance animations, bouncing entrance animations, fading entrance animations, flipping animations, light speed animations, rotating entrance animations, zooming entrance animations, sliding animations, and special animations
  • ​Properly customize your video player features to match your brand; choose from 6 ready-made animated and static play icons, customize colors, 15 ready-made animated and static play skins, add and customize video thumbnails, etc
  • ​Multi-lingual support: edit texts on all interactive elements in any language you can type in from your device, including your native/country language
  • With Video Campaignor, Data is everything: you get full access to your campaign performance reporting and analytics including views and clicks analytics, regional analytics, device analytics, viewer source analytics, etc.
  • ​Use Integrated photo libraries to enhance your videos!
  • ​And much more…

VideoCampaignor Review: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Video Sales Bot? A Video Sales Bot is a special kind of Interactive Video  designed to mimic the behavior of a traditional text-based AI Chat Bot – but in video form. The end result is a unique buying experience for customers that makes them FEEL like they’re talking to a real salesperson who works at your/your client’s company. Video Campaignor (the software) is a POWERFUL Interactive Video builder and when loaded with their pre-made niche templates, you can have your first Video Sales Bots live in under 5 mins from now, even if you have zero technical skills.
  • Do I need any video editing skills? Not a lick of it. First off, they’re giving you over 50 ready-to-go templates in the HOTTEST niches that their team has already worked hard to create for you. Secondly, you can use ANY video on the internet, even videos that aren’t yours! Just paste the video link into Video Campaignor and press GO. Thirdly, of course – if you want to create your own videos then go right ahead, but video editing/creation skills are NOT needed because they’ve made this entire package entirely plug & play for you.
  • Do I need to appear on camera? If you think you have a face for radio or just can’t stand the thought of being on camera – NO WORRIES. Finally, you don’t need to get on camera to make a killing with video because Video Sales Bots do the selling FOR YOU so you don’t have to. You can use their done-for-you templates created with AI-Generated Actors who will appear on camera on your behalf, or you can build animated Video Sales Bots from scratch using their powerful timeline editor and Interactive Elements to create videos with text, images, stock video footage, animations and more! OR, if you DO wanna be on camera, you can do that too. Either way, there are no more excuses, CLICK HERE to have a Video Sales Bot do the selling FOR YOU!
  • Do I need to know how to program bots? Not unless it’s 1997. Not only are they giving you over 50 “pre-programmed” Video Sales Bots in the HOTTEST niches – including “The Video Sales Bot that SELLS Video Sales Bots” – but ALSO – if you wanna build your own from scratch with Video Campaignor, it’s “tie your shoes” simple. Plus, they’ve already created highly detailed step-by-step instructional videos that walk you through how to create your own Video Sales Bots from scratch, even if you struggle to use a microwave. OK, I’m done with the Dad jokes. TRUST ME, you can do this – and they’re here to help if you need us. .
  • Do I need to do sales calls or meet with clients? Listen, they know how scary it can be to try and “sell” something to a complete stranger for thousands of dollars. They’ve been there. That’s why they’re giving you “The Video Sales Bot that SELLS Video Sales Bots”. This is a specific template included with The Commercial license that has been programmed to sell Video Sales Bots to small local businesses. It answers a lot of the common questions they may have before buying, educates them on why they would want one for their business and it even asks them for the sale. But WAIT, I’m not done: It can EVEN take their credit card info and process the payment on YOUR behalf. Talk about automated profits! Don’t get left behind in the stone ages, CLICK HERE to can have your first Video Sale Bot LIVE and ready to sell for you in just 5 mins from now.
  • Does Video Campaignor create Humatars/virtual actors? Video Campaignor comes with 50 Done For you templates in the HOTTEST niches and 40 of those templates were made with AI-Generated actors (Humatars) that they created for you using one of our other products called Human Synthesis Studio. Video Campaignor itself does not create these characters. You can turn ANY video into a Video Sales Bot, including videos from Human Synthesis Studio or ANY other video creator you may already own. You can also just upload your own video directly from your device OR paste the link to ANY video on the internet from video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Groove, or even your own self-hosted mp4 videos. Why put your success on hold any longer?
  • Will this work outside the US? YES, of course! They have members from ALL over the globe. Your location does NOT matter. And you’re NOT limited to working with businesses in your local area. In fact, you can literally live in a cabin in the woods with no humans in sight for 100 miles – as long as you have an internet connection and can turn on a computer, this will work for you.
  • Will this work on Mac or PC? Video Campaignor is a cloud-based software – meaning, there is nothing for you to download or install on your computer. So, your device or operating system does NOT matter! You simply log in to their website and can INSTANTLY start using Video Campaignor. It’s that simple.
  • Do I need video hosting? NOPE! You can either paste the link to ANY video hosted on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Groove – OR just upload them directly into Video Campaignor and they’ll host them on their ultra-fast servers for you at no charge. From a financial standpoint, the reason why they’re able to do this is that a very high percentage of their customers refer other customers to them via word of mouth, so they have virtually zero advertising costs. So, we just pass the savings on to their customers (you). Seen enough?
  • How many Video Sales Bots/campaigns can I sell? With Video Campaignor The Commercial License” you can create & sell up to 50 Video Sales Bots to 50 different clients. They also have an optional upgrade that allows you to create unlimited Video Sales Bots for less than the price of dinner for two people. Don’t sweat the small stuff – you now have bigger fish to fry.
  • Do you REALLY have the best support in internet marketing? Well, their customers tell all of them this pretty much every day. Does that count? Listen, they’re not some “fly by night” operation that just put up quick sales to make a quick buck (like some others in this industry). They’ve been in this industry for YEARS. Todd has been selling online since around 2006. Magnus has been involved in some of the biggest and most successful software releases on the internet. Peter has been selling online since 2007. AND? They have a kick-ass team behind the scenes who are sitting by and waiting to help you out with any questions you may have after getting started. The typical response time is under 24 hours. Your success is our success.
  • Do you REALLY have students making 7 figures (millions)? Yes. Peter has helped thousands of everyday people start and grow successful digital agencies from scratch. Some of those students naturally do nothing and get no results. Some of them make a few thousand dollars then move on to something else. Some of them build successful businesses that generate over $10,000 per month consistently. Some of them go big and scale to 7 figures per year. It really depends on what you want, your work ethic, commitment level, and your ability to follow instructions and ask us for help if you get stuck. Their most successful students ask the most questions. But whatever your goals are, they’re here to support you every step of the way with Video Campaignor.

VideoCampaignor Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading the VideoCampaignor Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take action ASAP for the best deal.
REMEMBER! If you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions) Good luck to you!


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